Card Holder  

Made from horween leather and canvas from MK8 type B cargo parachute flight release system with faded stamp of origin. It will hold 2 to 3 cards plus some folded notes. Approx 3.75 inches x 2.75 inches ( 93mm x 72mm )

£14.00 plus shipping


Spring Bars

Double flange 1.78 mm diameter stainless steel spring bars available in 16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32 and 34mm.

 £1.00 per pair ($1.65 USD)

















The following buckles are available:


Vertical brushed PVD (black) spring bar buckle available in 20, 22 and 24mm.

£6.50 ($10.50 USD)
















Vertical brushed PVD Pre-V screw bar buckle available in 22 and 24mm.

£8.50 ($13.50 USD)

















Quality PVD Pre-V (B&R style) screw bar with 6 mm tongue in 24mm.

£.10.50 ($17.00 USD)

















Vintage style buckle spring bar available in 14/16/18/20 and 22mm.

£2.50 ($4.50 USD)













Stainless steel sports buckle spring bar in 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22mm.

£2.50 ($4.50 USD)














Quality thumbnail spring bar in brushed steel in 18/20/22/24 mm.

£5.00 ($8.50 USD)













Quality Pre-V screw bar in brushed steel in 20/22/24/26mm.

£6.50 ( $ 10.50 USD )












Quality Pre-V B&R style screw bar in brushed steel with 6mm tongue in 24mm.

£7.50 ($12.50 USD)













Quality “fat boy” chunky buckle in polished and brushed steel. Tongue and centre of buckle are polished and remaining parts are a  brushed steel finish. Great style to suit polished and brushed watch cases. Available in 20 and 22mm only.

£6.50 ($10.50 USD)























Butterfly/deployment clasp in polished stainless steel in 18/20/22mm.
£ 10.50 ($17.00 USD)
























Pin bar remover – a great little tool for fitting and removing spring bars when changing straps. Good quality PVD with screw caps….

£4.50 ($7.00 USD) each













Strap Wallet Handmade By Steveo

Black/grey carbon effect fabric with velcro pull tab. Lined with black felt to protect straps/watches. Holds 4 straps/watches plus pin bar remover. Compartments will accommodate large straps. Measures 260mm x 170 mm when closed. Wallet complete with pin bar remover.

 £32.00 ($54.00 USD) plus shipping. STRAPS AND WATCH NOT INCLUDED.