Manx Strap

Inspired by the Isle of Man TT. Mini Moto chain inserted into a 4mm thick, distressed blue, denim look calf leather.

Strap £44.00 ($58.00 USD)  plus shipping.  Buckle extra 

Foil Straps

Red, black and silver straps made from calf leather with a light webbing overlay and topped with nylon and spandex to give glitzy finish. Approx 3mm thick and with 1 wide running keeper.

Strap £44.00 ($58.00 USD)  plus shipping.  Buckle extra 



Pick a card, any card to be inserted into this quality calf leather strap and stitched in colour of your choice. Strap is lined in a super soft calf leather and is 3.5 – 4mm thick with one wide running keeper. Playing cards are 100% plastic for longevity.

STRAP ONLY is £42.00 ($56.00) plus shipping. Buckle extra

img_4032 img_4014 img_4010

Good quality skull stud on black or brown leather approx 4mm thick.

STRAP ONLY is £38.00 ($51.00) plus shipping. Buckle extra




Tan/Blue Sandwich
Made up of tan leather on top and blue leather underneath which gives it a sandwich look. Hand stitched in heavy blue/turquoise hemp. 1 wide keeper.

STRAP ONLY is £42.00 ($56.00 USD) plus shipping. Buckle extra

IMG_6779 IMG_6769

Razamataz Sport
Quality supple gold textured leather approx 3mm thick. All cut edges sealed in black and available in all sizes. Compliments a black cased watch. Stitched in a colour of your choice.

STRAP ONLY is £40.00 ($52.50) plus shipping. Buckle extra

IMG_5773 IMG_5774

The Doctor
After watching Moto GP and seeing the Monster Valentino Rossi energy drink I was inspired to make this strap.I had a vision and here it is, maybe I need a Doctor!!!! Parts of the can are sandwiched between red or blue calf leather and thickness is 3+mm.

STRAP ONLY £45.00 ($59.50 USD) plus shipping. Buckle extra

New distressed leather with a rustic look. Soft and supple and 3.5mm thick with a chisel tail end and stitched in orange thread or colour of your choice. This cheeky looking strap will need no breaking in….

STRAP ONLY is £38.00 ($51.00 USD) plus shipping. Buckle extra


Wild Thing

Available in dark brown and green oiled super soft leather 4+ mm thick. Hand stitched with thick tricolour 100% natural hemp (colour changes along stitching line). Available in most sizes…please ask.

STRAP ONLY is £44.00 ($58.00 USD) plus shipping. Buckle extra

The Beast

Heavily distressed leather in a mid brown colour which will darken with age. A great supple leather approx 4 mm thick. Detail stitch in heavy grey/khaki thread and 1 wide running keeper. Not a pretty strap, but then it’s not meant to be!!

STRAP ONLY is £40.00 ($52.50) plus shipping. Buckle extra  ( leather currently out of stock)

Moto Monsta

Made from top quality 4mm bridle leather and a can of Monster energy drink…..comes in all tastes!!!! Ripper, Khaos etc.  1 wide running can/leather keeper. Only available in 22/24/26 mm.

STRAP ONLY £45.00 ($59.50 USD) plus shipping. Buckle extra



Made from British vintage bridal leather 3.5 – 4+mm thick. Lots of distress and discolouration make for a supple and interesting strap with a waxy feel. Stitched in off white or colour of your choice.

STRAP ONLY £38.00 ($51.00 USD) plus shipping. Buckle extra (leather currently out of stock)



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