I just wanted to say thank you very much for the replacement strap you sent me for my Lotus watch..I have now attached it to the watch, and I have to say, it makes an incredible difference to the look of the watch too! Once again, thank you, and also for the rapid turn-around from initial contact to supplying the strap, and also for keeping me informed throughout. ( Ian UK )

I went slightly off-piste with my request for a pull-through strap for my CWC 10 but Steve was very accommodating in adapting his ‘Fury’ strap for what was a very modest order. The result was first-class, though I have subsequently distressed it myself.  ( John UK )

“Hello. I just wanted to drop an e-mail to you let you know how happy I am with my new strap. It is exactly what I wanted. Your work is top notch! I will be ordering another one in the next few months. Thanks again. P.S. You could be charging more for your work. There are a lot of people making straps not even close to the calibre of your work, charging (and getting) much more than your prices!” (Chuck, USA)

“Hi Steveo, The straps are with me and they are fantastic!  I loved the last ones I had from you a couple of years ago but time marches on and so does your craftsmanship.  Also love the way you are packaging and branding.Thanks very much, I’ll be back for more!” (Michael, UK)

“I have recently bought 2 straps from Steve Lambert @ Steveostraps and his work is quality and his prices are also very reasonable.”
(TZ, UK)
“Awesome straps at very affordable prices!
 (TZ, UK)
“My Steve-O-Strap arrived today from the U.K which was made for my Vortex and it is a awesome strap”
(Oscar – 3T)
“I hooked up with Steve at steveostraps, and got a killer strap for 40 bucks.” (U-BOAT)
“Thanks for the excellent product and service Steve.”
(Tony- 3T)
“The price was great for a custom made strap. I told SteveO the size and color I wanted, and he produced and shipped, quickly. Thanks, Steveo.”
(Steve – 3T)
“Very soft oil-tanned leather that feels already broken in when wearing and the craftsmanship is excellent!….”
(Oscar- 3T)
“This guy’s no joke…price is right on, quick turnaround and the end product looks great!”
(Nicolas – 3T)
“Excellent……………a real one-off strap”
(Tony – 3T)
“Straps arrived safe and sound this morning – I’m wearing one now (I’d wear both if I could).Absolutely delighted with them both. I’ve come across some great bargains since finding the rep forums, but your straps rank right up there at the top.
Very many thanks for an excellent transaction – great communication, great delivery, great product. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and I won’t hesitate to come back to you in the future.”
“Hi Steveo, I’m having a very serious problem with the strap you sent me. The problem is… I can’t keep my eyes off of it. I wore it to work today and I can’t resist staring at it constantly throughout the day. At meetings, in the car during my commute to work this morning, sitting at my desk, I’m unable to stop glancing at it. It looks so amazingly smart and rugged. I absolutely love it. Even the packaging is way cool.The strap arrived yesterday (Wednesday 8/15) and I am totally blown away by it, just awesomeSteveo. It looks even better than the picture and I just love everything about it. The color, the keeper, the gouged detail in the strap itself, the thickness, and the soft quality leather is so comfortable without any type of break in period. You have exceeded by expectation with this product.By the way, thanks for including two keepers. I love the idea if being able to change it up a bit with either the light or darker keeper – fantastic.Great strap Steveo, I love it and thank you.” (Tony, USA)
“Hello Steve, Yesterday I got my new strap. Thank you for your perfect work. It looks great.” (Ralph)
“I think it came out fantastic! Thank you. Please feel free to use me as a reference.” (Mark)