Most of the straps on the site can be made to fit your Apple watch. Below is just a small selection. I also stock adaptors.

Herringbone Tweed

This is made from a herringbone tweed bonded to a black calf leather using a flexible polymer. This extremely supple strap is 3.5 +mm thick and is available in all sizes.

STRAP ONLY is £44.00  ($58.00 USD ) plus shipping.
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This fun cartoon strap is made from a calf leather base and polyurethane cartoon overlay. Thickness is 3.5 – 4+mm and is available in all sizes. I can currently provide, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman.

STRAP ONLY is £42.00  ($56.00 USD ) plus shipping.  OUT OF STOCK


B.R.G ( British Racing Green )

Supple green leather racing style strap, stitched in yellow and cut edges sealed  black and 3+mm thick. Comes with two wide running keepers (one with Union Jack and one plain)

STRAP ONLY is £44.00  ($58.00 USD ) plus shipping. Buckle extra



Denim suede leather over a supple calf leather 3+mm thick and stitched in gold/yellow thread. Cut edges left raw and 1 wide running keeper

STRAP ONLY is £40.00  ($52.50 USD ) plus shipping. Buckle extra


Black Croc

Black croc print leather with a dark bluish hue. Slightly padded at 4mm down to 3mm thick. Great supple leather and all cut edges sealed black.

STRAP ONLY is £42.00  ($56.00 USD ) plus shipping. Buckle extra


Customer pics….Thanks to Mark Z, UK