Chunky Monkey.  ** Star Buy **

Super soft brown calf leather 5.5 – 4.5mm thick with a goat skin lining . Hand stitched in a very heavy sailmakers whipping twine in natural or black.  Slightly bevelled raw edges and with one wide running keeper. Strap will be suited to medium and large watches.

STRAP ONLY  £65.00 GBP ($85.00 USD ) plus shipping. Buckle extra





Denim 501

Worn denim over a black supple aged calf leather approx 4mm thick and stitched in gold/yellow thread. Cut edges left raw and 1 wide leather running keeper. This strap will fray and pick up more age quickly.

STRAP ONLY is £46.00 ($58.00 USD) plus shipping. Buckle extra


Veg tan full grain shoulder with a light distressed effect which lightens in colour when folded or turned. The natural grain is left intact show all the growth marks and unique character to give a distinctive antique appearance. A rugged leather with a “worn in ” look. Sunken double machine stitched and 4 – 4.5mm thick. Complete with 2 wide keepers  ( 1 plain and 1 with grooves as shown )

£44.00 ( $56.00 USD) STRAP ONLY.. plus shipping.  Buckle extra

PAM 01
Double layer tan leather giving a thickness of 4- 5 mm and with 1 wide running keeper. Heavy khaki stitch and slight burnishing on edges…..a timeless beauty.
£44.00 ( $56.00 USD) STRAP ONLY.. plus shipping.  Buckle extraIMG_9552IMG_9551IMG_9548

PAM 02
Quality black calf leather giving a thickness of 3.5 – 4mm and with 1 wide running keeper. Tri colour stitching and bevelled and sealed edges…..
£44.00 ( $56.00 USD) STRAP ONLY.. plus shipping.  Buckle extraIMG_9501IMG_9515IMG_9509

The Para Canvas

Made from ex RAF G.Q. 60 ft utility parachute deployment bag which was an issued stock and not war reserved. It was serviced at RAF Hullavington, Wiltshire and dispatched to 47 Air Dispatch, RAF Lyneham for deployment from the Hercules heavy drop of RAF support command. It has four layers which have been bonded together with a flexible bonding agent which makes this waterproof,strong and probably one of the most pliable canvas straps available. Stitched in a light coloured thread. There are two canvas keepers. It is made to fray and will do so instantly.
£42.50 ( $54.50 USD) STRAP ONLY.. plus shipping.  Buckle extraIMG_9518IMG_9519

Best quality bridle leather and lined with a super soft calf.  Stitched in white or black polyester thread and available in all sizes. 

 STRAP ONLY is £44.00  ( $56.00 USD ) plus shipping.  Buckle extra IMG_2080